Workshop all around

Studi Aperti Arts Festival came to its 9th edition with a great program about visual art, architecture, literature, music, video, graphic design and much more.

?The 2013 edition’s theme is “workshop”. An approach to art that has been always the focus of Studi Aperti, since 2005, when four artists from Ameno decided to open their studios to a curious audience.??

According to Italian artist Bruno Munari, workshop is the place for creativity, freedom, experimentation, discover through all our senses.

??Studi Aperti 2013 transforms the town of Ameno in a creative platform where artists experiment and meet, propose works according to local history, enviroment, landscape and community.??

Visual art has to be experienced not only through words, but especially through direct experience. Words are easly forgotten, experience almost never.

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