For this special occasion, both public and private places in Ameno transform into real exhibition halls, unique and original creative ateliers.

This year, the festival will place a special emphasis on graphic art, encouraging its appreciation as a true, independent art form and not only as an accessory for creating a greater advertised message. Studios participating in the graphic art section, curated by Giorgio Caione, include Elyron, Walter, Santomauro, and Elodie.

Event within the event: At the Ameno-based Tornielli Museum, the heart of the Open Studios festival, two exhibits will be set up and open to the public for all of July and August. In its main hall, the museum will present the first Italian preview of the exhibit WASISTDAS? in collaboration with Omegna’s Alessi Museum, curated by Francesca Appiani.

In the Tornielli Museum’s side rooms, you will have the opportunity to admire a collection of sketches created for the contemporary art-filled outdoor path between Switzerland and Italy, dedicated to Geo Chavez.

A new feature of this year’s edition is the presence of some private galleries, including Zonca&Zonca (Milan) and Gagliardi Art System (Torino).