Landscape Architecture

The Paesaggi Mirati (Targeted landscapes) exhibition by DA-A ARCHITETTI came about as an idea of Elena Bertinotti and Gianmaria Sforza’s.

Over the course of the festival’s history, it has introduced contemporary architecture projects to the town within Ameno’s historical framework and within Studi Aperti (Open Studios’) multidisciplinary field, which invites artists, architects, and writers to live in the region every year.

Over its years of existance, the festival has encouraged a focus on the theme of rapport between architecture, design, and environmental sustainability, with design and architecture seeking a way in which a new aesthetic sensibility can interact harmonously with new research in green, recyclable materials.

The fifth edition of the Paesaggi Mirati exhibition seeks to continue the legacy of the previous festivaly, inviting architects, designers, and landscape architects to create art around the theme “Museo Diffuso (Ecomuseum)”.

Its objective is to transform the village of Ameno into an artistic hub in which space, art, and socialization encourage visitors to explore the region. The sensible tourist can enjoy this educational journey, as it offers sustainable artistic choices and much responsible culture.